Sore Gums – What You Need to Know

Don’t Wait Until Sore Gums Become No Gums

Did you know that sore gums can be a sign of something far worse?

Sore gums are one of the first signs of gingivitis, which is a serious infection of the gums. Gingivitis is one of the first stages of periodontal gum disease. The infection comes from bacteria breeding along the gum line. As the bacteria and food debris gathers, plaque begins to build up. The bacteria feed on the food debris and release toxins. These toxins literally eat away at gum tissue and bone enamel. If not removed, plaque will harden into tartar. Moreover, tartar is worse than plaque since it is more difficult to remove is the beginning of a continuum to later stages of periodontal disease and periodontitis. It requires dental intervention.

Did you ever think that sore gums could mean so much trouble? Consequences…

Sore gums, like an iceberg, are only the surface of the greater problems below your gum line. As the bacteria grow on the tartar base, it begins to eat into the base of your tooth. When the infection is serious enough, pus will fill the void. As this fluid expands, the bone underneath the sore gums becomes vulnerable. The bacteria and pus create ideal circumstances for bone infections. These infections may lead to tooth loss or worse. At this stage your condition may require surgery or heavy antibiotics, which have their own dangers and side-effects. To counter the stages of gum disease, it is important to catch the infection early and treat it immediately. When sore gums first show up, find a solution as soon as possible.

Sore gums begin the process of more serious signs of gum problems when untreated. When the gums are sore they usually are more red than pink. This is a sign that an infection is prensent. Bad breath (halitosis) will become apparent, as the infection gets worse. Sore and swollen gums often will bleed easily. Sometimes when you floss you may see blood. This may be a sign of an infection without soreness. Sometimes periodontal pockets will begin appearing at the tooth base. You may see receding gums at the spot where you felt the soreness. This is the beginning of serious periodontal disease. You could eventually loose your teeth, requiring dentures.

Take Action Now!

If you act immediately, sore gums may be the worst of your problems. The first thing to do is clean your teeth, gums and tongue immediately. Use a softbristle toothbrush with good toothpaste and gentle scrub the teeth in a circular direction. Beward, however, since most toothpastes contain toxic substances. Floss thoroughly between all the teeth. Scrape the tongue. When you maintain properl oral hygiene, you reduce the opportunity for bacteria to grow out of control and cause further damage. Be cautious about using any mouthwash without reading the label, since many contain harsh ingredients that can irritate your gum more than help them. Always seek the council of a dental or oral care professional.

Natural remedies for sore gums may provide effective and safe results for sore gums. They contain proven natural ingredients such as anti-bacterial oils that seep into the crevices of the gums and teeth, where it really counts. Don’t wait to take action when your gums are sore.

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