Recipe for Salt Water Gargle Sore Tooth

 Recipe for Salt Water Gargle Sore Tooth – 3 Steps

Here is a recipe for salt water gargle. Sore tooth problems are not pleasant. Perhaps when you drink hot or cold liquids your tooth becomes sore. Or when you are chewing food you feel tooth and gum pain.

Did you know that your tooth pain could be as a result of periodontal gum disease. Gum disease is normally caused by out-of-control bacterial growth. Bacteria produce flesh-eating toxins that literally eat away at soft gum tissue and bone structure, including your teeth. Many times tooth pain is a major symptom of gum disease. With a recipe for salt water gargle sore tooth pain may be temporarily relieved.

  1. Salt (Use sea salt since it contains important healing minerals)
  2. Use cloves to help with pain. Crush the heads and put them into the boiling or hot water and let sit. Strain before gargling.
  3. Essential oils of peppermint and spearmint, which are anti-bacterial. We recommend a natural remedy that uses 100% pure botanical oils and is very effective against bacterial infection in the gums and teeth, and overall against gum disease. Learn more about this.


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