Remedies for Gum Disease – Basic Principles

Discover what you must look for in remedies for gum disease and its associated symptoms: bleeding gums, gingivitis, chronic bad breath, swollen and infected gums, loose teeth, and receding gums.

Remedies for Gum Disease – Important Facts to Consider:

75% of adults over the age of 35 have some form of gum disease. Are you at risk of severe, life-threatening conditions. Research shows that there are links betwen gum disease and increase risk of heart attack, stroke, other cardiovascular conditions, and complications in diabetes. These are only a few. These are just a few of the reasons why looking into natural remedies for gum disease is so important. If you you guard against gum disease then you guard against other problems. Find out what a natural treatment for gum disease must do or it will fail.

Remedies for Gum Disease – What to look for in a good product:

1. They must kill periodontal bacteria:

Any natural remedy for gum disease that is worth its money must kill and control bacteria. If it fails to do this then it fails completely. This is foundation in the race to reverse gum disease and its damaging effects. Failing to do this is like pouring water into a buck that has a hole in the bottom. It is difficult to achieve desired results.

2. They must not do any harm:

Sadly, there are many products that advertise that they kill periodontal bacteria, but they irritate already sensitive gums and expose your body to chemicals, which over a long period of time may not be a good thing.

3. They must be affordable:

Let’s be practical, bacteria grow every day, so you need something that kills bacteria every day, and not just when you are brushing or rinsing. So search for something that you can use on a daily basis. It may cost more than your standard chemical-filled toothpaste at the market, but it will actually work and will be something you can use daily.

4. They must be portable:

When you live life as it is, it is “on the go.” You go on vacation. You travel, go to work, and visit friends. So it should be something that you can take with you wherever you go so that you can use it as needed. Remember, bacteria never take a break. They are always working overtime to destroy your gums, teeth, and health.

5. They must be measurable:

When you visit your dentist, he or she should be able to notice the difference. One very object area is regarding the measurements for the depths of periodontal pockets. Each visit is a market point against which you are able to compare the present status of your gum pockets. 

5. They must be guaranteed:

Would you buy a mouth product from a back-alley store that has no reputation or that this is made in a foreign country where you cannot understand the language? Check to see if they are registered with the BBB or with a third-party source. If they are a U.S.-based company that has been in business for any length of time then they have a track record and there should be reviews available on the internet. You can tell if it is a scam or if it is the real deal. The experiences of others, albeit subjective, are an additional bonus to the official groups that monitor businesses. If a product has a guarantee that is a good sign.

Many of the products that you find in your local store do not meet these criteria. So you may need to search the internet and do your homework. Be sure to make sure they are free of fluoride, alcohol, triclosan, and other chemicals. Don’t be fooled by advertising. It is the health of you and your family that is at stake, so be alert.

Discover more about a gum disease product that meets the above principles and should be considered as part of overall dental hygiene strategy together with the consultation of your dentist.

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