Stop Receding Gums and Reverse Periodontal Disease Naturally

 Learn How to Fix Receding Gums and avoid tooth loss, bad breath and other gum problems. Discover Why a Natural Periodontal Disease Treatment for Gum Disease and Gum Recession, Must Deal with One Root Cause… 

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– Here’s the bottom line: if you fail to make gums grow back, you may end up with periodontal disease treatment, even periodontal surgery that can be painful and costly. Tooth loss is a real possibility. Now is the best time to learn what you can and be proactive — before it is too late!

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Eight Warning Signs
that your receding gum line
is caused by a far more serious problem 

  1. Gum infection (swollen gums that are red and tender. Gums heal slowly)
  2. Loose teeth, that can eventually lead to tooth loss
  3. Bleeding gums
  4. Gums that recede (a receding gum line with gum loss and gum erosion)
  5. Halitosis (more commonly known as chronic bad breath)
  6. Differently fitting partial dentures
  7. Toothache
  8. Teeth bite together differently


Periodontal Disease
is the #1 reason for tooth loss.

More than 13 million people experienced the pain of tooth loss because of chronic gum problems. Aside from gum recession, if you have any of the above eight warning signs, they you likely have are more serious condition — periodontal disease. Without a powerful natural gum treatment, the disease will only progress, so you need to make some changes today.


Teeth Need Gums: No Gums – No Teeth!
What is one of the causes of gum loss?
What is the main cause of gum disease?


There are various signs and stages of periodontal disease – gingivitis, chronic bad breath, pyorrhea,(halitosis), periodontitis, dry mouth (Xerostomia) – but there is one clear fact: the majority of gum problems stem from one root cause:

The main reason for receding gums and periodontal problems are
toxin-producing bacteria that thrive in the recesses of your gum line.

“That’s it? Bacteria?”
you’re saying to yourself. “You’ve got to be kidding me! That’s the reason I’ve been suffering with these chronic mouth problems?”

Yes, that’s the reason! There are 22 common types of toxin-producing bacteria that live in the nooks, crannies and crevices of your gums in difficult-to-reach places where most commercial mouth products can’t touch them. Even though our body normally replenishes our receding gum line with new cells in an attempt to naturally heal them, you will still have your gums recede if the toxins are eating away at your gum tissue faster than your body can replenish it.



receding gums treatment


Treat the cause of periodontal disease.
Don’t just treat the symptoms.

Many people with gum recession try avoiding sugar-laden foods or try flossing and brushing more faithfully. These are all good dental hygiene habits, but they readlly don’t cure periodontal disease where it is most important. If you are looking for a cure without surgery it’s possible, but you must deal with the main cause underlying cause — bacteria. To know how to treat periodontal disease you need to find out…


How to get rid of 22 toxin-producing bacteria
that live in your mouth and cause gingival recession,
gum infections, and other painful gum problems.

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Natural remedies for gum disease must accomplish these four, important goals:

1. The remedy must be effective. It must address the root cause of a receding gumline: bacteria and their flesh-eating toxins. It must ultimately help to kill and control bacteria. A Self treatment of gum disease requires that you use a very effective solution. If it worked wouldn’t you use it every day?

2. The remedy must be affordable. Receding gums surgery, prescription drugs, and even some natural options may break your piggy bank, particularly if you have to use a different product for each problem – bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth pain, and the list goes on. Gum surgery is costly. Wouldn’t you use something that saved money in long-term expenses?

3. The remedy must be all-natural and botanical. Why should it be all natural and organic? The answer is going to shock you: many commercial toothpaste products contain potentially toxic ingredients (check your labels for flouride or sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), for example). These toxic ingredients can irritate your problem instead of alleviate it. Some seeking canker sore treatment will stop using any products with these ingredients. Furthermore, these ingredients can dry out your mouth resulting in what is called “dry mouth.” Why would you put poison in your mouth? This is why you need a natural treatment for gum disease. Follow a holistic approach.

4. The remedy must have a 100% total-satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked, or your money back. If the product works so well, then the company should stand by its claim.


Introducing an exciting discovery:

A guaranteed, affordable treatment with pure, all-natural
ingredients that attack and destroy the root cause
of gum recession – 
those 22 bacteria and their flesh-eating toxins!

Introducing OraMD

This exciting discovery is an all-in-one natural mouth solutions that eliminates the need for chemical mouthwash, sugar-laden breath mints, and toxin-rich toothpaste.

It’s the best herbal toothpaste for receding gums and gum infections.

It is an all-natural liquid toothpaste that contains 100 percent natural essential oils that restore receding gums. Dry mouth isn’t a problem anymore.

This is an oral care product that does does it all: kill bacteria, clean, and leave your mouth feeling refreshed like never before. Need home remedies for a toothache? This is it. Work with your your oral MD or dentist while using this wonderful discovery in order to see great results and avoid expensive and painful periodontal disease treatment.
how to reverse receding gums with oramd

– Don’t waste money on products or loose teeth remedies that don’t work and are not guaranteed.

– Don’t suffer needlessly from the pain and embarrassment of bad breath and missing teeth.

– Don’t postpone using the safest, most effective and economical product on the market. Invest in your health today.


You’ve heard it a hundred times, but it’s true:
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”


Did you know: 
Gum disease is associated with heart disease,
stroke, diabetes and cardiovascular problems,

and many more life-threatening conditions?

The battle against gum problems
is the front line to many other health risks.

Kill and control bacteria naturally!
Strengthen your gums today
Make receding gums grow back!


oramd extra strength

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